5 Selfcare tips for complete relaxation

5 Selfcare tips for complete relaxation
5 Selfcare tips for complete relaxation
Now that spring has started, clean up-vibes are here again too. From your wardrobe, interior and kitchen: we're probably not the only ones who feel the urge to tidy everything right now. Why not start with a mental spring cleanse, to start the new season bright and early? Think of the spring sun as your go-ahead and get started with these tips.

1. Check out

Leave your screens for what they are every now and then and spend some time on things you really enjoy. Read a book, meditate, go for a walk, be creative or pick up an old hobby. Make sure to check out for at least half an hour everyday, social media and your favourite TV-show can perfectly well wait.

2. Start a journal

Sounds a bit woolly, but it really works. Buy yourself a little notebook and write down a few things that make you happy. Whether it's the flowers in the garden, a compliment someone gave you or something you accomplished that day. You'll find that being grateful for small things will bring you a relaxed, positive flow.

3. Eat concious

Not only your body will benefit from a healthy diet, your mind will too. It will make you feel more fit and calm. Choose varied meals with ingredients that prove to benefit your brain, such as: blueberries, eggs, nuts and fatty fish. And yes: try to limit your sugar intake to prevent tiredness during the day and drink lots of water.

4. Practise a skincare routine

Turn your skincare routine into 5 minutes of me-time. Lock the bathroom door and apply your favourite products while massaging your face. Feel how you relax and make it a daily task. Glowing skin guaranteed!

5. Listen to a podcast

Are you an over-thinker or does your mind often wanders? Then you might want to listen to a podcast. Pick a subject that suits you (such as 'De Zoveelste Podcast with Olcay en Ruud'), whether it's funny or educational, and listen to it while on the road or cleaning out your basement. This way you can relax without doing 'nothing'. Are podcast not really your style? Try an audiobook instead.