6 ways to celebrate International Women's Day

6 ways to celebrate International Women's Day
6 ways to celebrate International Women's Day

Tuesday March 8 is dedicated to International Women's Day. For over a century, this day puts an extra spotlight on women and topics - unfortunately still relevant - such as gender inequality.
We made a list of ways you can contribute to this day and celebrate women with us.

1. Speak up

Every year International Women's Day has a specific theme. This year is all about breaking the bias and creating a world without stereotypes and discrimination. On the International Women's Day website you'll find all kinds of information on the theme, educational video's and lectures. The organisation invites you to share a picture with crossed arms on social media with #breakthebias to share your support and show solidarity.

2. Support a female owned business

Looking for new items for your wardrobe, home or else? Try to be aware of what you buy and who you buy it from. There are lots of female owned businesses to find, and how great would it be if we all support female entrepreneurs even more? Not just today, but any day. Check @female.initiative's Instagram account for example. They highlight Dutch, female entrepreneurs and offer lots of wishlist inspiration.

3. Donate to charity.

Needless to say, supporting charities is still important to make a change. In the meantime there are a growing amount of charities that specifically focus on women's rights, such as UNWomen. Olcay Gulsen Beauty is proud partner of this organisation.

There are lots of possibilities to help specific problems through charity too. For example, Free A Girl is commited to fight sexual exploitation of girls, Wakibi offers microcredit to female entrepreneurs in developing countries and Plan has a special girls project to provide them with education. Rather donate clothes instead of money? Check out Dress for Success, where women (and men!) can find full outfits for job interviews and more.

4. Start the conversation

As small as it may seem, it's as important as the rest of this list: starting the conversation. Whether it's with your employer, co-workers, friends or family, talking about gender equality is important. And nope, it doesn't have to turn into a heated discussion right away. You can easily draw attention to International Women's Day and ask them about the changes they (would like to) see. And do start the conversation with the men around you as well.

5. Shine a light on your own power women

Are you proud of the women in your own environment? Let them know! Send them a text, card or flowers, or just call them to tell them how much they mean to you. We often don't mention it, so let today be a great day to thank someone for their friendship, tell them they're doing great and explain how grateful you are for having them in your life.

6. Read a book or watch a movie

Instead of picking a movie from Netflix' trending section or the first book to be found, choose one that's created by women or has a strong female lead. Trust us, there are plenty! For example, check the movies Hidden Figures, Captain Marvel and Erin Brokovich. And if it's up to us, We Should All Be Feminst by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb can be added to the must read-list immediately.