These are the coolest neighbourhoods in London during your city trip

These are the coolest neighbourhoods in London during your city trip
These are the coolest neighbourhoods in London during your city trip
Now that we're finally able to travel again, city trips are on our mind. At the top of our list? London! Not only is it way easier to get there by riding the Eurostar train, the United Kingdom capital keeps on inspiring and innovating. When you have a trip to Londen scheduled (or on your wishlist), you'll definitely want to check out these cool neighbourhoods.

London Hotspots Boxpark Shoreditch
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You probably heard of it: this creative district is bursting with trendy hotspots. Especially Boxpark is a good recommendation. it's literally a park made of containers. On the ground floor containers you'll find shops where you can buy cool accessories and great snacks. On top of Boxpark you can grab some food and drinks. Around the corner you'll find Redchurch Street and Brick Lane, where there are even more shops and restaurants. Visiting Shoreditch on Sunday morning? Walk towards Columbia Road Flower Market, where you will not only buy gorgeous flowers, but also have the chance to drink coffee among locals.

Londen City Trip Hotspots Old Spitafields Market
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Old Spitafields Market

Just a stone's throw away from Shoreditch, you will find Old Spitafields Market. What started as a local market with a melting pot of cultures, is now a guarantee for a great afternoon in the city. The different cultures can still be found at the many food spots in the indoor market. Next to that, you'll find a combination of different shops: from young British designers to established brands. During the day time, there are still market booths, now selling art, home decoration and jewellery. Outside the market there is lots to discover as well, such as pubs and boutique hotels.

Londen city trip hotspots Coal Drops Yard
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Coal Drops Yard

Within walking distance from Kings Cross St. Pancras (the station where the Eurostar terminates), you'll find Coal Drops Yard. As the name suggests, these former coal warehouses are turned into the place to be when it comes to boutiques and great food. While you can enjoy yourself just fine indoors, it's even better in summer. With cosy terraces, squares, relaxing areas next to the water and a huge fontain, you'll surely spend an amazing afternoon here.

Londen City Trip Hotspots Nothing Hill Farm Girl
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Nothing Hill

While the famous, fancy neighbourhood has been a bit boring for quite some years, it's back in business again. The main attraction is Portobello Road, knwon for its eponymous antique market. This is also the place where you'll find the pastel coloured houses. Rather skip the crowds? Enjoy brunch at one of the cool hotspots, such as Farm Girl or Granger & Co. When you're planning to visit Nothing Hill in the evening, make sure to stop by at Electric Cinema: one of the oldest cinema's of Great Britain. Not like the ones you're used to, you'll watch the latest blockbusters here with a foot stool, blanket and great food.

Londen City Trip Hotspots Covent Garden
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Covent Garden

During a London city trip, Covent Garden can't be missed. Not only will you find the famous West End with its theatres and muscials, it's also the perfect place to stroll and do some people-watching. There's lots to do on the big, car-free square: from street musicians to cozy terraces. Every beautylover can induldge themself in and around the market hall. This is the number one spot where all big brands have their boutiques. Looking for the real deal? Pay a visit to Glossier. At this all pink store - with pretty much a queue any day of the week - you will not only shop great cosmetics, just wandering around is an adventure itself too.

Londen City Trip Hotspots Carnaby Street Kingly Court
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Located between Covent garden and Oxford Street (the main shopping street), you'll find Soho. Within walking distances from both locations, we suggest you pay a visit in the late afternoon. Do a last round of shopping on Carnaby Street, which is bursting of cool shops, and visit the iconic department store Liberty London. Seen enough? Settle down at Kingly Court. This hidden gem is a small court filled with restaurants and terraces of different cuisines, where you'll enjoy yourself no matter the weather.