This is the right order to apply your skincare routine

This is the right order to apply your skincare routine
This is the right order to apply your skincare routine
Whether you love your skincare routine as elaborate or quick as possible: how and in what order you apply your products absolutely matters. When doing it correctly, you'll make sure your products achieve full productivity and your skin gains maximum results. In this blog, we'll answer the most frequent asked question in our inbox: what is the right order to apply your skincare routine?

There's definitely a difference between what you apply onto your face, mornings and evenings. In the AM, you want to pick products that care and protect your skin, but also work well under makeup. In the evening, we tend to choose products that are richer and perhaps contain active ingredients that cause sun sensitivity. Therefore we will distinguish morning and evening skincare routines in this article.


These steps will keep you glowing throughout the day.

Step 1: Miracle Cleansing Milk

An important part of every routine: cleansing. While you (hopefully!) go to bed with a clean face, bacteria, dead skincells and sweat stick onto your pillow and therefore will touch your face again. Yikes! Get to work with the Miracle Cleansing Milk to remove dirt and (in case of oily skin) excess sebum. Other skin types will benefit from this cleanser as well, as it doesn't strips the skin from it natural oils, but instead provides extra hydration.

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Step 2: Magic Hyaluron Serum

Every skin can use a little extra hydration. Even oily skin! How to better hydrate your skin, then by using hyaluronic acid? Apply the Magic Hyaluron Serum when your skin is still damp after cleansing. Hyaluronic acid attracts moist from its surroundings, so when your skin is still wet the ingredient can get to work straight away.

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Step 3: Miracle Vitamin C Glow Serum

Using vitamin C in your skincare protects your skin from free radicals, AKA the bad guys that damage your skin. For example: pollution, UV rays and cigarette smoke. That's also why you want to incorporate vit C in your morning routine, to get the most out of this protection. Apply a thin layer of this super concentrated serum before your moisturizer to keep your skin protected all day.

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Step 4: Miracle Eye Cream

A fresh face is a great way to start the day. An eye cream can definitely contribute to that. The Miracle Eye Cream contains vitamin C and licorice extract to brighten the under eye area and reduce dark circles. Next to that, the formula has a plumping effect. By applying the Eye Cream before your moisturizer, you allow the active ingredients to fully absorb and achieve maximum results.

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Step 5: Miracle 24H Day Cream

A day or night cream is not only great to hydrate your skin, but also to protect its barrier. Therefore, our Miracle 24H Day Cream contains SPF20, a natural blue light filter and vitamin C. Next to that, there are also specific ingredients included, such as paracress extract, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The perfect mix for glowing skin all day long.

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Step 6: SPF

Despite the SPF in our Miracle 24H Day Cream, it's always a good idea to add a separate SPF. This way you'll have optimal protection against UV-rays and the skin damage which it can cause. Still looking for great sun protection? Keep your eyes peeled, because we're launching a suncare range very soon!


With these steps you will experience beauty sleep, literally.

Step 1: Miracle Cleansing Milk

It's even more important to cleanse your face at night. During the day, your skin will - unnoticed - come into contact with different kinds of dirt, such as pollution and cigarette smoke. When you're wearing makeup and SPF, it's definitely a no-brainer to cleanse your face. The Miracle Cleansing Milk will melt away all dirt and grime and allows other products to absorb even better.

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Could your skin benefit from a little extra hydration? You might want to use the Magic Hyaluron Serum in the evening too, after cleansing your face.

Step 2: Miracle Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face and therefore extra sensitive. That's also the reason that fine lines and wrinkles will appear here first. Enough reasons to take good care of this part of your skin. The Miracle Eye Cream contains skin identical collagen that improves elasticity and firmness. Next to that, the formula is packed with caring ingredients to provide hydration to this sensitive area.

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Step 3: Multi Vitamin Shot Serum

The nourishing formula of the Multi Vitamin Shot Serum hydrates and calms the skin, while cell turnover is stimulated. Because of the oily texture, it's best to use this serum as a final step in your routine, after other serums and the Miracle Eye Cream. Does your skin needs a little extra hydration? Then we'd advice you to apply a night cream, once the Multi Vitamin Shot Serum is fully absorbed.

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