Kleur: Flushed Daydream


The Olcay Gulsen Beauty Duo Pot Blush + Highlight in Flushed + Daydream is your new go to for healthy-looking skin. This duo does not only contain a beautiful blush, it also has a highlighter that gives you a lit-from-within glow. 

This easy 2-in-1 product contains two cream based products. On one side you will find a great blush that gives your face a healthy flush. Do you prefer bold looks? Make sure to apply multiple layers to accentuate your cheeks. On the other side of the jar you will find a champagne-coloured highlighter. This formula is buildable two and gives your skin an incredible glow.

The blush as well as the highlighter are easy to apply by fingers or brush. The Duo Pot Blush + Highlight is available in two combinations: Flushed + Daydream and Peach + Mystical.


The Olcay Gulsen Beauty Duo Pot Blush + Highlight:

  • Is an easy 2-in-1 cream based product
  • Gives you healthy, glowy skin in an instant
  • Is easy to apply with fingers or brush


Apply the colours by using your fingers or a brush. You can wear them together or separately. Once applied they provide a subtle effect, but you can build the formula for a bolder look.

Create a lit-from-within glow by using the blush first on the apples of your cheeks. Afterwards, dab a little amount of the highlighter on top of it. Use the highlighter to accentuate the other parts of your face that naturally reflect light. Such as: the bridge of your nose, the brow bone and the cupid’s bow of the mouth.

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