Kleur: Dark


The Olcay Gulsen Beauty Bright Eyes Duo Concealer in Dark is all you need for a fresh look. This duo contains a concealer to mask blemishes and dark circles, and an eye primer to make sure your eyeshadow stays put all day and colours look more intense.

The Concealer does not only cover, it also contains so called light diffusing pigments. These reflect light and therefore create a fresh complexion. Next to that, the formula is packed with skin-loving ingredients that work anti-inflammatory, smoothen the skin and reduce fine lines. On the other side of the duo you will find our eye primer. By applying it on your eyelids, you will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing. 

This concealer is an absolute musthave in your makeup kit. Whether you want to cover up tiredness or make sure your eyeshadow doesn’t crease: this is your go to.

The Concealer Duo is available in 5 shades, but the other ones are without the eye primer.


The Olcay Gulsen Beauty Bright Eyes Duo Concealer:

  • Covers spots and dark circles 
  • Contains lots of skin-loving ingredients 
  • Will keep your makeup from creasing


Apply the concealer on blemishes or dark circles before, after or without foundation. Gently dab the product onto your skin with your fingers, a brush or makeup sponge until the colour melts into your skin. Apply the eye primer on your lids before using any eyeshadow products to keep them in place.

Don’t limit the use of the eye primer to your eyelids. It works great to keep your concealer from creasing too. Therefore, use it under your eyes before applying concealer.

This product is allergen- and cruelty free.

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