The Olcay Gulsen Beauty Hot Hot Baby Eyeshadow Palette is a beautiful collection of warm shades. In collaboration with renowned celeb makeup artist Gwendolyn van Waveren, you’ll be able to recreate her signature look with this palette. From beige to sparkling gold and dark brown: this is a collection with all the neutral tones you need.

This curated palette contains 9 powerfully pigmented eyeshadows that suit every skin tone. Mix and match between shades and finishes to find your favourite eye look. The texture of the eyeshadow is powdery and feels soft and light on your skin (even the glitter finishes). All of them are long lasting, easy to blend and are formulated to be buildable. 

The palette contains the following colours: Vanilla, Icey, Light Choco, Pearky Pink, Tender Gold, Taupe Brown, Stone, Vintage Gold, Dark Choco


The Olcay Gulsen Beauty Hot Hot Baby Eyeshadow Palette: 

  • Contains 9 highly pigmented warm shades
  • Matches all skin tones
  • Is a curated collection of long lasting colours that are easy to combine and blend

There are no rules for using this palette. Whether you want to use your fingers or a brush: you decide. Combine a soft and darker shade for a beautiful eye look or mix different shades and finishes to create a warm smokey eye.

To create a gradient effect, make sure to cover your eye lid with one of the lighter shades. Then add a darker colour in your outer eye corners and blend it towards the centre. Dab one of the glitter shades onto the middle of your eyelid (where your pupil is located when you look straight ahead) to add some extra sparkle.

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