Makeup was never as easy as with the Olcay Gulsen Beauty Duo Pot Lip + Eyeshadow in Satin Knickers + Bronze. This 2-in- product contains a gorgeous lip colour and metallic eyeshadow to create a glamorous look in no time. 

This easy Duo Pot fits into every (makeup) bag and holds two cream-based products. On one side you will find an intense pigmented eyeshadow with a gold brown metallic colour. The eyeshadow is easy to apply and buildable from a subtle wash to deep shade. The lipcolour is buildable too and has a soft, comfortable finish. The light colour has pink undertones and contains a subtle sparkle for an extra shiny effect.

Both products are easy to apply with either fingers or a brush. The Duo Pot Lip + Eyeshadow is available in two colours: Satin Knickers + Bronze and Barely There + Rose Gold.


The Olcay Gulsen Beauty Duo Pot Lip + Eyeshadow:

  • Is a super easy 2-in-1 product for lips and eyes
  • Contains two buildable colours that work great together
  • Is easy to apply with fingers or brush

The Duo Pot can be used by your preference. Dip your finger or brush into the jar and apply a thin layer on your eyes or lips. Both shades will directly provide a bright wash of colour. Add intensity by applying multiple layers.

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